Smart Career Development Program (SCDP) is a world-class, large-scale(Mass), comprehensive, customizable, cost-effective education programs (IT and non-IT). It builds the workforce skills with the aim of developing their careers. The program is always directed towards jobs required in the labor market.

Benefits to Governments

  • Develop domestic high-tech industry
  • Reduce dependency on immigrants and imported skills
  • Improve employment prospects for the unemployed and underemployed population
  • Support the drive towards GDP growth and presence in  World economies
  • Support and proactively drive the career development of employed staff and new recruits
  • Reduces the skills gap to improve employment prospects
  • Offers new prospects to displaced workers

Is it Professional-level Only?

No, SCDP aims to leverage the talent pool in the country by providing customized training programs that are suitable in training duration and topics to cover:

1. Computer Literacy:
8 - 12 weeks training curricula
Mostly targeting under graduates and government employees

2. Professional Training:
4 - 6 months training curricula
Mostly targeting university graduates

3. Vocational/User Training:
3 - 4 month training curricula with Hands-On workshops.
Mostly targeting students who didn't attain High School or university certificate.

SCDP Delivery Methods

Medrar has various capabilities and modes of delivery of SCDP training programs to suit each client:

  • Traditional Training – In Classroom Training (ILT)
  • eLearning – Self Paced Training
  • Remotely Instructed – Instructor Led Online (ILO)
  • Blended Learning – Traditional and eLearning training

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