TIPA, the Tudor IT Process Assessment (TIPA®) is an internationally-recognized framework for IT process assessment. TIPA's adoption over the world is growing fast and there are more and more TIPA assessments performed.


While standards give us a precise way of controlling achievements towards the specified requirements, with a certificate to prove it, frameworks give us a series of recommendations without any obligation of achievement. Moreover, ITIL provides good practice through processes hosted in a lifecycle, yet provides no procedures on how to implement these practices. In other words each business needs to find its own recipe for success. In this context, it is rather difficult to benchmark ITIL and control the achievements.

This is exactly what TIPA does, provide a precise structured approach that will allow clear understanding of the levels of maturity achieved in ITIL.

TIPA is based on ISO 15504, which is an international standard for assessing process maturity. ISO 15504 can be applied to any process framework, by plugging in what's called a Reference Model for the process framework to be assessed. TIPA uses ITIL® v3 as its Reference Model.

TIPA Assessment Project Stages

Our TIPA assessment projects delivered in the following stages

sponsor involvement, agreement on a service offer, and identification of assessment scope.

assessment organization, planning, selection of the interviewees.

On-site assessment
document reviews and interviews.

Results analysis and consolidation
synthesis and detailed results, SWOT analysis and recommendations.

Results presentation
presentation to management and presentation to all involved staffs.

Assessment project closure
closure and lessons learnt.

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